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Which Countries Can You Target with a Curacao iGaming License?

As the online gaming industry continues to grow, choosing the right licensing authority is essential for online gaming operators looking to operate in multiple jurisdictions. Curacao has established itself as a reputable licensing authority for online gaming businesses globally. In this post, we will examine the countries that online gaming operators licensed in Curacao can target and discuss any restrictions, the timeline for obtaining a Curacao license, and other relevant information.

Countries You Can Target with a Curacao iGaming License

One of the main advantages of a Curacao gaming license is its broad scope. Online gaming operators with a Curacao license can target players from many countries worldwide, with exceptions. The countries that are banned from being targeted with the license include:

  1. Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Maarten, St. Eustatius
  2. Netherlands
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Australia
  6. Spain
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United States of America

It’s essential to note that the list of excluded countries is subject to change, and it’s the responsibility of the licensed operator to remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Timeline for Obtaining a Curacao iGaming License

The process of obtaining a license can be completed in as little as 4-6 weeks, provided all requirements are met. Here are some of the critical steps involved in obtaining a Curacao gaming license:

  1. Company Formation: Set up a company in Curacao or partner with an existing licensed operator.
  2. Submit Application: Submit a gaming license application.
  3. Due Diligence: Provide all necessary information required for due diligence, including director and shareholder information, company structure, site administrator details, and evidence of domain ownership.
  4. Technical Assessment: Undertake a technical assessment to ensure compliance with the authority’s requirements, including RNG testing, security measures, and payment processing systems.
  5. License Approval: Once the application is assessed and the relevant documents are in order, the Licensing Authority will review and approve the license.

Other Relevant Information

When operating using a gaming license from Curacao, operators need to take several factors into consideration:

  1. Legality of Gaming: Online gaming operators must ensure that their operations are legal in the jurisdictions they target. Proper compliance and regulatory approval are necessary for safe and legal gaming.
  2. Banking and Payment Processing: Banking and payment processing methods play a crucial role in the online gaming industry. Curacao license holders must ensure that they work with banks and payment processors that support gaming activities and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  3. Security and Responsibility: Gaming operators must provide a secure and responsible gaming environment, ensuring that they comply with relevant gaming authority guidelines for customer protection and ethical gaming practices.

In conclusion, a Curacao gaming license provides prospective online gaming operators with an efficient and cost-effective way to expand into multiple jurisdictions. While some countries are banned from being targeted with a Curacao gaming license, many countries are open for business. Online gaming operators can obtain a license in as little as 4-6 weeks and enjoy the benefits of a robust regulatory framework, favorable tax incentives, and a solid reputation among players worldwide. It’s crucial for online gaming operators to remain fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations and provide a secure and responsible gaming experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Curacao gaming license application.